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  • Yes some guys do.
  • Guys mainly do this at younger ages with friends or cousins when they change they'll show each other their penises and unluckily for me my cousin had a huge penis and I had to show mine and it was incredibly small let's just say his looked like an Elephants trunk and he said mine looked like a Pea. LOL yeah sux to be me...tho I haven't has any complaints yet lol.
  • I think they do!
  • I never have, OK maybe during gym class in the shower a couple of times, but that's it I swear!!
  • Yes,many times they car is a form of manhood.
  • with friend they normally hang out with.girls do it to.
  • Although it is generally DENIED and NEVER a topic for discussion .... MANY a young 'n into late teens ; males will compare sizes for whatever their reasons ... Sometimes it is a "Bet" , "A show me yours and I'll show you mine , kind of thing" , often some kind of "Creative" game that they've came up with etc ... So; it is considered a normal activity and best left UNdisscussed at the dinner table or any other time around the house .
  • yeah when we have a girls night out and we tipsy,, yeah I iant gotta lie we be taking about you all guys , and i mean we talk about everything... ... size/// how good or bad and ho long.. yup I know you all guys talk about it two trying to show off,, so why we cant do it,,, right,, is pretty cool,,, I hear all kinds of crazy stories
  • Some might - but not this guy....what would be the point of it?
  • Some guys do but I don't remember ever doing that. I never really cared about the size of my penis. I think I always had more important things to worry about.

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