• Drag queens (usually well-dressed, stylish) are gay. They often are poking fun at gender generalizations and gender-based roles. Transvestites (usually frumpy, with outmoded clothing) are straight men. They often are dressing this way for the sexual thrill. I have yet to meet a straight drag queen, nor a gay transvestite. But I suppose they do exist - thinking of Teena Brandon, who wasn't what I would call a "drag king," nor was she doing it for the sexual thrill, but more of a transitional phase.
  • There a MANY drag queens who are STR-8 .... However; there are just as many; if not MORE, who are Homosexual ... I love to watch them all preform ...
  • One of the foxiest cross dressers I ever met was a straight guy. It's probably true that most straight male transvestites are not very convincing as women. But it's nice to see The L Word reminding us that there is room for a lot of diversity in the human race,
  • Personally, I have met and known many drag queens in Chicago, but I never met one straight one. I know they exist and are probably more the actor-give me a paycheck for this, kind of guy. You gotta be real secure in your manhood to pull off a drag queen personna and be straight.
  • There is a whole show built around two straight drag queens in Seattle. They have a show called The Anita Goodmann Experience. You never know with drag performers, but I have met their girlfriends, who don't seem to mind at all.

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