• Some just don't know any better.
  • Well it all depends on the law... there are some very silly laws in this world. I base what I do on whether it will be disrespectful to another person or the environment... either of which I will not do... otherwise ANYTHING goes ;)
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      There is nothing in the Constitution nor the Rule of Law that guarantees "respect". Respect is earned, not demanded.
  • Rules are for the obediance of fools and the guidance of wise men... Or so I've been informed.
  • Some don't agree with some of the laws, some because whatever they are doing that is illegal is fun, and some because it is a short-cut to getting what they want, such as bank robbers.
  • Poverty, survival, immoral or unjust laws, self-preservation, rationalization (it is okay to break the law because...).
  • They are called criminals!
  • Some people truly believe they are above the law. Take our last administration...they broke so many laws because they truly felt they were above 'em. Arrogant, pompous and ignorant people break the law. Simple as that. :)
  • Because it's so easy to get away with it.
  • I think in a lot of cases it is because the laws are unfair or pointless.
  • They have no respect for others or others property, OR the law. They think they have the right to have and take whatever belongs to others, without having to earn them, themselves. Also that they have the right to hurt others physically, just because they can. They just dont care.
  • Too many laws. They're not enforced. And if you've got lots of money, you can just buy yourself a suitable justice.
  • Honestly because the law sometimes only works for the criminals
  • That is wrong
  • For starters, you will be hard pressed to find anyone who agrees with every law. Most of us break some law and don't lose any sleep over it. Most of us find some way to rationalize or downplay it.
  • I agree with Rosie. Laws are their to protect other people's rights. Those who break it, infringe upon the rights of others and do not perform their duty towards others as a citizen.
  • They were probably brought up in homes where there were few, or no, rules to be observed. Everyone just did their own thing, disrespected the opinions and needs of others and, simply, wanted their own way. If this attitude is not corrected in the home by parents then they will take that attitude with them to their place or work, the leisure centre, the parks and playing fields etc. If they see something in a shop and they want it, those type of people will just take it. Indisciplined children become indisciplined adults.
  • Breaking the law seems to be the trend these days, from potus all the way down to rioters and looters in the streets. It seems that some people really are "above the law".
  • Some believe that the government has no right to dictate their actions. Some believe that there are "special circumstances" that give them the right, or OUGHT to give them the right, to break the law. etc. (It's pretty amazing to see, if you're around such people, which I am every day. They despise law-abiding citizens and the law, they fear and hate police officers, etc. I.e. their entire attitude is exactly the opposite of a law-abiding citizen's. But especially weird is that they actually consider breaking the law to be their right, and anyone who tries to - legally - pressure them to comply with the law is wrong for doing so.)
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  • It's not so much that they think it's "OK" -- unless they are sociopaths who believe that whatever they want is more important than mere laws. It's that they want whatever it is so badly, and can't figure out some legal way to get/do it, that they are willing to break the law and risk arrest and incarceration. There's also the fact that many crimes are committed in the heat of great anger, so the criminal isn't thinking about whether what he's doing is OK or not. He or she is just acting out or responding to something in a rage.
  • They got that attitude from Orange Don. If the President can piss on the law, so can I!!
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      You're going to hold to that ridiculous notion until they make the hammer & sickle the national flag, aren't you? You must need an alarm clock to wake you up - your hero Biden is about to go down. He's either going to be impeached or Kommie Kamala is going to pull the 25th amendment option on his ass and take him out for incompetence. Being so soon into his administration, you know it was planned from the start.
  • There are people who like to break the law because they are criminals who should be in jail or prison for their crime.
  • Doesn't the law even dictate that you can't pick your butt in public? I'm sure it does. Stupid people create laws, and over the years, there have been over-smack-load stupid people. A law is not broken unless caught.
  • Because many have not only been forced to read Thoreau's 'Resistance to Civil Government' in high school, but actually had sufficient reading comprehension to grasp what it said. We understand that not all laws are created equal, nor worthy of respect. When The Law is not for all, and equally applied to all, then it is only for use for their benefit, and/or as a weapon against the many.
  • America is a nation of laws. The recent anarchy that has been seen in this country is the result of President Franklin D Roosevelt getting chummy with Joe Stalin and opening the doors to Communism. This was evident by the Communist investigations by Senator Joe McCarthy in the 1950s. His investigations were quashed, but it wasn't because there was no substance to them - it was because those in government who were infecting the country were powerful enough to keep them quiet. We saw the fruits of their labor with Obama, who tried to pass the legacy off to Hillary but failed. This is why there was such a hate campaign against Trump. No one had anything against Trump until he threw his hat into the ring - then suddenly, he was the epitome of evil in the eyes of the Communist-controlled Democratic Party. And this is why they had to cheat in the 2020 elections - Trump was going to win a second term. Instead, they brought in incompetent Joe Biden with his deteriorating mental condition and Marxist Kamala Harris to take over after they got rid of him. Violent revolution and anarchy are standard operating procedures with Communism. They use fear to control the masses. Another relevant factor that goes with it is Political Correctness - also a Communist tool of control. They use the education system to indoctrinate influential kids into having no respect for the rule of law - they're taught opportunism to produce chaos.
  • I think parents and schools dropped the ball on teaching civic duty and accountability for one's actions. When parents started running interference between their children and the consequences of their actions instead of supporting law, respect and decency and decided to become their friends and smoke and party with them instead of being parents responsible for molding their children to be responsible law abiding adults, whether they were a stay at home parent or not, respect deteriorated. But with absentee fathers, part time mothers, and no reinforcements at church, school or in the community those poor children didn't have a chance! Another side of it is lack of consequences and not enforcing the law - at home to begin with. How many parents do you know that make a rule and then don't enforce it, or make unreasonable rules? It happens all the time. I'm surprised so many people don't see the connection!
  • Those who usually break the law do it because they feel they can get away with it. Some of the reasons are - desperation, bad influences, while others might have a mental illness.
  • Some laws are unjustified & mass defiance of them leads to them being repealed but the simple answer to your question is because they are criminals.
  • Scofflaws. Basically they fall into one of two categories (in my experience): (A) - career criminals, who prey upon society and who believe that they ought to have the freedom to do so - (B) anti-government sorts, who believe that they ought to be able to do anything they want as long as it's not obviously and immediately harming anyone else
  • They are criminals with no respect and that’s their problem. Some people think rules in society don’t apply to them because they are immoral and think they are special when they’re not.

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