• Come on, own up, every body has (borrowed) things from work! Anyone stating that they have never stolen from their work place is a lier. People think stealing means, say taking a product home from work, is stealing, but making a personal phone call is not, yet your employer has to pay for that call, so you are stealing some benifit from your employer plus stealing the time to do so, as you do not get paid to make a phone call (private), so he loses the time and the phone call. Then comes the Number one crime, nicking pens and or stationary. Actually, if your going to swipe anything really important, is a letter head or two, so you can make your own reference should you get sacked later.
  • Ah, you've rumbled me. I nick blue tack because I'm always running out, solvent marker pens because they make writing so much fun, and the stapler
  • Yes, time. Most people have done it I am sure.. especially those who work in offices (who come on AB during office hours) =D

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