• Why not?
  • no. respect is something universal. We should all respect everyone. The world would be a better place if we did.
  • Respect is respect, regardless of gender. What is observed is taught.
  • I beliee that we ALL should respect each other Male and female alike until given a reason not to ... respect a certain person.
  • Of course everyone should respect everyone but boys seem more naturally inclined to disrespect and objectify women then vice versa.
    • Cats & Dolphins
      I don't believe that for all males.
  • You're right. Girls should be taught to respect men. In today's world, men are often put down because they are men. Women are often favored. I think it is a reaction to former times when women did not possess the rights they have today. People should be taught growing up to respect each other. If they are, it will be a better world.
    • Cats & Dolphins
      Great comments!
  • Angus, dang it, stop this whining. Women are less muscular than men and stats have them being snuffed out at a rate of thousands to one by men. Cut the baby stuff out and walk like a man. Yes, they should respect men, but the reality is that men have to be taught more than women. Look around, bud. When was the last time you heard of a man being raped at gun point. Give it up.
  • Normally women don't go about beating on men. It is more important that the stronger should restrain themselves when dealing with the weaker.
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      Women beat on men too. Men are just way too embarrassed to admit it when it happens.
  • Speaking as a male i can say that we tend not to respect women as much as we do other males. Also you know you like it when a girl doesn't respect you...especially when they smack that suculent ass of yours...
  • Berkeley born and raised--I was always taught that although many people place gender roles into society, we should NEVER enforce those stereotypes. Feminism is a huge fight, and every woman must stand up for herself against the oppression of men and all that, sure, but I always preached that there is a growing percentage of men that are being abused in their relationships now, possibly because so many women are finding empowerment and therefore assuming that dominant stereotypical "male" role. In fact, the men that are stay at home dads, are ridiculed and demasculinized for their wife "bring home the bacon" so to speak.
  • Negative, one is not more important than the other. I completely agree with that question. Both genders should learn to appreciate their differences and similarities. Respect, I believe, is probably the most important factor in relationships with the exclusion of love(seeing as how you MUST respect someone you are IN LOVE with). I grew up knowing families that DID and DID NOT emphasize repect as a part of life. Let me just say that the best judge of how someone will treat you is how they treat their Mother, 3 closest friends and job. Hope this helps...
  • Well of course we should all be respectful of each other, and gender shouldn't be a factor in it. But what they mean when they say "respect women" is "don't rape, beat, assault, or abuse women." Since men are more likely to do all these things to women than women are to men (statistically) we put more emphasize on men's respect of women, to counteract the vulnerability of women. So it's not that men don't deserve respect, it's that men usually don't have much fear of women.
  • Of course girls should be taught to respect men. No; everyone should respect each other.
  • Supposedly we are all taught manners!
  • Because "they" think that all men are misogynistic.
  • Jesus said we should treat others as we would like to be treated (Mat 7:12). This transcends gender, race, age and economic status.
  • maybe they forgot to mention that

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