• No. I don't think anything will happen.
    • GenuisHappynerd99
      Well, I guess you win, because nobody would be around to say I told you so.
    • GenuisHappynerd99
  • With Mega storms, Meteorites, Volcano's, Bio-weapons, Nuclear war,Earth quakes, Solar flares, Decaying orbit, Zombies;) and all the others I didn't remember. At this point I say surviving until now is the accident.
  • if we exist for long enough, it's very likely that our population will be decimated by an astroid (look at the dinosaurs), some sort of super-virus, or nuclear war. only time will tell, but i wouldn't say that it will never happen.
  • The super volcano under yellow stone has been a rumbling. This could be the one, although I should specify it would only destroy life as we know it not life in general.
  • at some point mistakes will be made and buttons will be pushed and we're all going to glow in the dark.
  • I believe that there's a possibility of something happening (e.g. new ice-age, super-volcano eruption, or a connection of incidents). But every year I hear that we're all going to die this year or that year because of the Mayan's or something. I'm absolutely sick of all of that crap to be completely honest.
  • I think the most likely is a asteroid strike. It seems one the size of a ten-storey building passed within 45,000 miles of us a few days ago - a bit too close for comfort.
  • maybe the end times theyre talking about

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