• maybe. just keep an anonymous account and don't be too sensitive.
  • I stay away from topics like religion and politics.People tend to have narrow thoughts on both subjects and are more likely to DR you when they know they are wrong.It is very cowardly. Have fun on here.
  • Screw those people and juat have fun! +5
  • I have some beliefs that would be sure to get downrates.
  • I fear no backlash... I speak my mind and deal with the consequences. My main motto in life is; "You can do or say whatever you want to in life, as long as you have the balls to deal with the consequences." I have plenty!
  • Meh, nope. Sometimes I have to censor myself, because I'm a crude bastard, but that's about it.
  • I am not just talking about fear of down-rating (I really don't care about that), but I am talking about some of the really vitriolic answers and comments that you get from some of the more "agressive" users who not only go through everything you have ever written on AB and DR everything you have ever said (out of pure spite), but get downright nasty, agressive and insulting if you dare to raise a point that they feel may be either questioning their beliefs, values or feelings. I find that I get a few people accusing me of being "Anti-American" because I have asked or made comments that have disagreed with how they think that America should be, or have accused me of being a "commie" because I have questioned the ethics of some right-wing policies. But they tend not to stop at giving abuse on the one thread, but go to yor profile, look up everything you have ever written and follow you through the whole site and post negative comments on every thread you have ever posted on. Does this kind of behaviour put you off saying what you really want to say on here, for fear of these types of people latching onto you and trying to do similar stalking-like behaviour to you?
  • Yes indeed.
  • I haven't come across that as yet, however I imagine there are some people who think that only they have the right opinion and could behave in this way. A bit more humility is needed.
  • Ask away, answer away. Surely you don't care if somebody doesn't like your question or answer. If they don't like them, that's thier problem not yours.
  • When I first joined the site I posted several questions but they were DR'd right away, at first it inhibited me a bit so I did not post for about 2 months. Then I tried again and the same thing happened I frankly gave up and got used to the fact that I will never ask questions. So now I answer & comment. When answering I have to be careful, being a lawyer I can at times give strong opinions without ever being rude or abusive. Some users must think that being polite means being brain dead or stupid, nothing so untrue. There are categories I never enter because I know the results. I have found peace and quiet in a certain category were the users are polite and highly educated, that category is my emotional refuge when being tailed/trolled. I have a small and select group of friends who I trust, I had to delete some because they were down rating me for the sake of it. I have also found that some users don't know how to Google/search for info when they are nice and polite I help them otherwise "No see". Some others don't read the links, but read the answers which they don't understand there is a huge reading comprehension issue, so the rebuttals are huge + insults + whatever else. In such cases I don't answer unless it is a clarifying question. There are users who believe they can insult me, that I don't have rights and that I can not post back in Latin or Greek if I so please. If that is the case it is not my problem they need to educate themselves. So they pick on me alleging that it is a copy+paste of something or other, but I never comment as I have not received an answer to my Greek/Latin post then I unsubscribe. Last nigh I got heavily Dr'd because I posted a comment + points for Bull in one of his very good and accurate answers on something related to the UK. I have learned how to detect the ones that DR, I have a black list in my permanently opened blog with the users that do one or another thing and their %+ given points. I up date that list once a week, so I know who they are. If they begin trolling me I will post their %+given points in any of their new questions then they disappear, its magical!! I am emailing a COAT to propose something I have had in mind for a while, it would help to have helpful, nice & illustrating debates which are impossible here. As you can see I am no different than anyone else, just as hit as all others and at times tired so I logout. I have seen your site, I have additional info but I will email that, not convenient here. See you.
  • I've had plenty of backlash. You just have to stick up for what you believe in. If you put a cat amongst the pigeons you will get a reaction.
  • No. im insignicicant enough to have it not matter .................( intrepret that as you may, it doesnt bother me)
  • i most certaintly do not. if they dont like my point of view or opinion, then they are more then welcome not to answer me. the points are simply virtual respect. worth little or nothing other then to let people know how much experence you have here, not in life. i make it a point to earn the real respect through my answers and questions. i have the respect of several of my peers here and that is not effecfted by my points or what other members do, only my direct responses and question. great question, thanks!

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