• I use a facial steam with peppermint and chamomile to loosen blackheads, then a deep cleanser to wash them away. Just empty a peppermint teabag and a chamomile teabag into a large bowl and pour in about 6 cups of boiling water. Give it a minute to sit, then lean over it so that your face is about 8" from the water. Some people put a towel over their head to trap steam but I don't like to. Stay over the steam for about 15 minutes, then wash with a good cleanser. I used to do this once a week when blackheads were an issue for me.
  • I theorized that acne is the result of skin that heals really well. The skin tries to get toxins out, but also heals over it. So destroy the outer layer with gentle acid cleansers (sylicic acid or something) or just wash it enough that healing processes are interrupted. Give it a shot :-D
  • Try this website. It's has dozens of ideas you can do at home and there is also a very nice diet where you start with fruit and work your way up to other food groups. It's a good way of cleaning up your body and getting rid of acne at the same time. I didn't have acne as a teen but have had it as an adult (reliving my youth? LOL!!!)
  • ive heard sulphur tablets are good but they make your farts smell eggy.but am not a doc

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