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  • That's what I did when I was little, yeah. In fact human nature would lead us away from looking at someone who we consider a freak, and so it's a pretty safe assumption he does like you; though it's not 100%, kids never fit human nature tests 100%.
  • I do. LOL There was this girl in my class last year and I liked her secretly. She once came up to me and said "why do you always look at me?" and I was like "your a freakin idiot". LOL Anyways she is with me now. I once had no idea what sort of excuse to make so I said "oh fine! Will you go out with me?" and she must of liked me to so yeah.
  • Him looking at you for whatever reason is infinitely better than him not knowing you exist. The only thing worse then dislike is indifference.
  • He either likes you and your visual appearance is appealing and interesting to him or he really hates and want s you dead but I doubt that lol. Or maybe you do look freaky but if someone looked freaky to me I wouldn't want to stare at them much or as many time your saying he stares at you so yeah he likes you so I say if he's cute get with him you never know.

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