• I got my GED. I dropped out of high school at 16, because I thought I was too cool for school. I then decided that the GED was the way to go. I am glad I got it. I think that the diploma is looked upon just a little higher, because it generally means that you stuck with school even though you may or may not have hated it. I have never had any issues (that I know of) with having the GED as opposed to a diploma, but I do get alot of questions about it. Just think of it this way: The GED is meant to find out if you are at a 12th grade level. If you pass the test, you are at or above the education level of a high school senior. Plus, a GED is better than having nothing at all. Also, good for you for wanting to finnish/go beyond and go back to school.
  • Getting your GED is a good goal. Talking to a counselor at school may help you select courses which will allow you to transfer into a HS diploma later, if you like. There is more work involved in getting a diploma, and thus more respect. The feeling of accomplishment is greater. Either way, for now do what is practical for you. Since you asked a personal question, I stayed in HS and never faced this situation. I did later, much later go back to a Community College for some extra skill training.
  • "First, let’s consider what a GED really is. GED is mistakenly thought to be an equivalency diploma by many people. In fact, it is not an equivalent. GED stands for General Education Development. It is a certificate issued to those who pass the exam, showing that they have at least a basic ability level." While a GED is not seen, statistically, as an equivalent to a high school diploma, it does open doors for its recipients that are closed to high school drop outs. For one thing, 95% of American employers accept GED recipients, often on the same terms as those with high school diplomas. Additionally, 90% of colleges and universities recognize the GED. So if most employers and colleges do recognize a GED, why is it that the statistics are so much more favorable to earners of traditional high school diplomas? The reason may not lie in the inferiority of the GED certification, but in the commonalities among the recipients. People who opt for GED’s are usually people who had trouble in school, often people who had already dropped out, or those who have little desire or hope to finish. These troubles may include poor performance in school, lack of discipline or effort, undiagnosed learning disabilities, a dislike for their educational environment, boredom with traditional learning models, teen pregnancy, lack of parental support, or drug and alcohol addictions." _____________________________________________________ My Opinion: And you know what I have to say about that, BULL CRAP. Now I am not talking statistics like they are, I am talking personal experience. Most people who have gotten the GED that I know, got bored of high school, and the people and the bull poo of high school. And they went out to go to college early. It had nothing to do with alcohol, drugs, sex, dropping out, or any other kind of trouble on school. _____________________________________________________ In other words, GED recipients in general were not successful students who were likely to achieve a traditional high school diploma. _____________________________________________________ My Opinion: Those statistics are most likely making assumptions more then anything else. _____________________________________________________ In this light, a GED is a step in a positive direction, but not a solution in itself to the problems that led to it. _____________________________________________________ My Opinion: It should be... This is a problem with our educational system as far as I am concerned, that is if colleges are taking the GED as a bad thing, then we have a problem. That problem is that schools do not take people as "individuals," they take them as statistics, a majority of people, which is a big failure in our educational system. It gives teachers, school counselors, and the general school staff the excuse to be lazy and not do their jobs to the full. So naturally, people like this (who turn people into statistics) make the assumption that because someone had to take the GED rather then getting a high school deploma, they must of made mistakes in life, but that's not always the case at all.
  • I graduated high school. Because? It was the only thing my mother asked of me. I stayed in school for her. But I was the one who profited. An education is one thing no one can take from you. Later when I was able I went back and got an associate's degree. And I plan to get more education as I'm able. It's one of the few things in life truly worth investing in.
  • i got my diploma, i think as long as you get one or the other than it works out okay

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