• Our cat brings 'offerings' home as well, but not live ones! What I do is try and distract our cat with some fresh meat from the fridge e.g. ham, and then dispose of the remains. Monty gets somewhat confused after a short while and starts sniffing everywhere for the ;present' he brought, but gives up soon enough. In your case, because the mouse is still live, you may find it harder to distract your cat. Try dragging a piece of string along the floor into another room, then close that door and keep your cat occupied. In the meantime get someone else to try and capture the mouse and let it back out.
  • when you ask what to do with "it" i'm not sure which you're talking about. for the mouse, bury it, possibly in a shoebox, as a sign of respect, and maybe give a little prayer if you're religious or whatnot as for the cat, consider harsh words or some type of punishment for the cat if it brings mice home, so that it'll stop killing them, and maybe buy it a toy it really likes and keep getting toys so it won't need a mouse toy. just some suggestions.
    • mushroom
      Harsh words for a cat:
  • I thikn you should try to rescue the mouse and try to release back into the wild. I would also call a wildlife sanctuary and see if they have any advice for you. They can be very helpful. Goodluck and godbless you.
  • Find a field somewhere far away from your house and release it. (I say far away from your house because I sincerely doubt you want it to make a return trip).
  • It is understood by animal behaviorists that when cats bring these things home it is meant as a high compliment to thier owners. It means they love you and they know you love them, so they bring home something to help you "survive". Seeing it as only a nasty thing to be thrown away is missing the "gift" your cat brought you. She loves you!
  • release it back into the wild, but if it dies bury it, or wrap it in cat used to bring home mice/voles etc...there like a 'gift' to the owner, as i sign of appreciation :) im sure your cat wont be offended :D tho it may bring another one along some day!
  • Indoor/outdoor cats will hunt. He brought you a gift, so don't punish him for doing it. Take the mouse away to a field and set it free. Try to do it when your cat is outside doing his business. And enjoy the fact that your cat loves and respects you enough to hunt for you.
  • If that mouse ate poison and thats why it was easy to catch it will kill your cat. Put it outside. If you care that much it would already be there.
  • Encourage the mouse to file assault charges against the cat and file a civil suit against the cat and the cat's caretaker.

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