• No im never pushy with my daughter but i encourage and support her lots.
  • No my daughter considered me her best friend and parent both until she met her boyfriend.
  • No. I was fairly strict but I didn't push them to do anything they didn't want to do. I was supportive of most of what they wanted.
  • Yes I guess I am a little bit pushy,but I don't think I'm too pushy at all.
  • Hahaha! No, I'm chill. My better half is the pushy one.
  • No, although I wanted them to do well I realized that their goals aren't necessarily those of their parents. All too often you can see parents reliving their life through their child or children. Understandably, parents want the best for their children, probably better than they had themselves, but define better. Some believe academic achievements are the most important thing but some children are just not motivated that way. I guess that perhaps if your child grows up to be socially acceptable, in employment and able to move through life in his own way that is success. What do other ABers think?
  • No, but I've sure known a few. "Stage door parents"! The worst! So amazed when their awkward kid doesn't make it to the Olympics! Always somebody else's fault! Poor kid...A Whatever- Happened-to-Baby-Jane in the making! :-(
  • Well I wish I were something ,,, ...pushy or none ...but I am not a parent yet :)
  • No but I sure do hate to repeat myself 10 times.
  • I prefer to say I am persistent. But everyone needs a good push in the right direction now and then, too.
  • No. I encouraged and tried to re-direct at times but didn't push. My son said, "push me dad" when we needed to get in gear to finish the Eagle Scout requirements. I did and he did.
  • No, I am not but I do guide and educate my childern.
  • I have never been before my son moved back home. I think I might have to become one!
  • Thankfully not. And the boys are doing fine on their own.
  • no - I am not a pushy parent. Although, I do ''Nudge'' my daughter a little.
  • nope..we just had good,healthy lines drawn/rules...other than than...not any problems out of normal behaviors.... anything they wanted to do , they could, but knew the rules; u start, u finish(like ball team, cant quit in middle or because not getting ur way)
  • You'd have to ask the kid. But I don't think I was.

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