• Not at all. If you will feel better physically and emotionally getting a reduction, do it.
  • No, its not silly. Whatever works for you and makes you happy and feel good. you are too little to have those huge things, it probably doesnt look right on you. and you might have back problems in the future.
  • Gee, you could be my sister with those measurements. I am considering a reduction/lift as well! The girls do not stay perky forever and it's so hard to find a bra that fits, let alone shirts (I have small shoulders and waist). Talk to a few doctors and choose one you are comfortable with. The procedure is painful and takes a long time to recover (especially if they move the aerola/nipple)
  • No, it's not silly. I would think that at your size, they would be horribly uncomfortable and even painful to your back.
  • Do what makes you happy, don't worry about what others say. If people make jokes and comments, they aren't your friends, so don't give a darn about what they say.
  • How someone feels about themselves is never silly. It's your body! Since your so sm of a person the weight of the girls could cause alot of back problems.
  • Well you did not say your age. I know of a 10-12 yr.old with huge breasts. I also know of others who have had breast reductions and were very happy afterward. It was like losing 10-20 pounds from their chest so what woman would not want to lose some weight. However, and I'm not a doctor; but I think if you are under 18 and are still developing it would be unwise to do a reduction. See a doctor first, then have a reduction.
  • I can understand why you're upset if people joke about your body. It's not a nice thing to do. As many have said, it's your body and you can do what you will with it. I'm not sure 'butt of tit jokes' is the best reason but it's your call. It just seems odd as so many pay good money to be made up to ... well at least bigger than they are. Bear in mind that you may be unable to breast feed afterward. You say nothing about your age but from the fact that you're asking this question merely because of what people say about your boobs, I think you're still young. Yet to have your family. Possibly yet to graduate high school. Think all you like. but I'd suggest staying away from the knife, at least for now.
  • It must be hard to have a part of your body the focus of attention all the time and I could see how it would be easier and tempting to just eliminate the "problem"! Big boobs, small boobs, tall/short, thin or heavy, everyone alive has something they wish they could change about themselves. You really should redirect your thinking towards the other things about you that make you unique and special. Feel good about those other qualities and it will rise above your more obvious assets and others will notice those as well. You were born with them and it is your choice but I would ride it out as time will deal you others issues soon enough to deal with.
  • not silly at all , do what ever makes u feel good and comfortable w urself
  • Unless they're causing you physical problems (eg. back pain) I don't think you should get reductions simply because of people's thoughtless words. Do ensure that your bra fits correctly - a bra that's too small can actually make them look bigger, whereas a bra that fits perfectly will increase comfort and make them look more discrete. Keep in mind that breast reduction is more of a major surgery than breast augmentation, so you might want to exhaust all the other non-surgical possibilities first. See if you can get a copy of the BBC documentary "My Big Breasts and Me". It's about significantly bigger breasts than 32DD but should still be useful.
  • No it is not silly at all to think of reductions. My daughter is 5'2 and her bra size at Bravissimo is 34HH. People make fun of them a lot. It does not bother her though, she looks above it.
  • 5-14-2017 Well, it is a fact that big boobs hurt. Another fact is that more boob jobs are reductions than enhancements. You don't need to apologize to anybody.
  • It's not silly but it's not necessary people come in all different sizes and that should be okay. I wouldn't recommend a reduction unless they're causing you back pain which does happen sometimes
  • Yes, they are just sexually frustrated and so taking it out on you. 32 DD isn't really that large. A "joyful handful" is what I would say. What you need is some self confidence and some friends.
  • It's not if it will make you more comfortable, and physically more comfortable. I've been pondering it for years.
  • I assume you and your peers are young and body self-conscious. The greatest gift you can give yourself is to thank God for you exactly as you are. As for the critical opinions of others, it tells you more about them than it does any desired standard. Someone will love you as you are.

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