• I don't really care either way, honestly.
  • I feel sorry for them, they have to make a living just like the rest of us, but to have to appear on so many crap TV programmes must be demoralising. I'd rather work at Macdonalds.
  • NO, I think it is terrible how they can earn more money for just prancing around and talking. when we "normal" people have to work damn Hard!
  • Whether or not I approve really doesn't matter. These "famous" people do not impact my everyday life. Often times they are famous through negative media as well. I do find it ridiculous i.e. Anna Nicole Smith, Paris Hilton, etc. What I do find interesting are their followers. What does that say about society? What is the fascination with talentless celebs?
  • It is not that I do not approve of them i just do not have very much respect for them because they have never displayed any talent to make them a celebrity. Other than that they can carry on earning a living without it bothering me too much
  • This theory is also true of a recording artist or a song. the more either is before the public, the more popular it/they become. Its all about the money and popularity.
  • Who am I to cast my approval or disapproval of the matter? Seeing as it is nothing but the public that makes them a celebrity, maybe we should cast judgement on ourselves?
  • No! There are not many celebs today in the true sense of the meaning ... 'artist' I believe a man like Kofi Annan deserves the right for more recognition before Tom Cruise ...
  • I have an almost pathalogical hatred of these talentless f***wits raised to the pinnacle of celebrity with fat bank accounts to show for it. I've thought about it quite a lot, 'cos if i had the chance to make 5 or 10 million quid just by doing what a PR man tells me to do, i would do it as well. My hatred of it stems from the fact that these people are only celebrities because they sell magazines and newspapers to people. Otherwise normal and intelligent people, will work for an hour or two of hard work, so they can buy a piece of paper that tells them about a talentless persons life. The world is full of books, a wealth of knowledge to be digested, whatever you're interests are, their are books to cover it, planets, animals, fudge, the Himalayan hairy arsed hippopotamus, there is a book to cover it, a TV program you could watch, a sport you could try, places to travel to, exciting things to see, natural wonders to marvel at. But I have the constant reminder that the human race isn't as advanced as i like to think it is. There are people, lots of them, who have no interest in widening their mind in the world around them, they would rather imerse themselves in the talentless persons world, in some perceived notion that their life is worth knowing about, that they're important. It's all to do with marketing. Obviously these people aren't important, their PR guys have merely convinced some people that they are worth knowing about.
  • The sad reality of civilization.....reality shows about nothing.....self-congratulating celebrities.....and the pathetic folks who swallow all that crap up.

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