• Snore - Talking get's you into trouble.
  • lol this question is funny becausei do both and so far my talking has been pretty meanlingless but if i could stop one it would be talking because i dont know what i am going to say and there are things that i wouldnt want other people to know aout lol
  • Talk. The funniest crap comes out of a sleeping person's mouth (when you can decipher it, that is). For example: Once, my roomate tried to wake me up, and I told her (still sleeping) that the spiders had been going to kill me. She said, "Then I guess you owe me your life, huh?" My reply to that was, "No, I owe you an elf." wtf? Another example: Another roomate was on the phone, when I sit up in the middle of my dream and yell, "Cosmic Butter!" She had no idea, what I was talking about, of course, but I insisted she tell me where the cosmic butter was. Moral: Dream talk is halarious. Unfortunately, I snore AND talk.
  • I talk in my sleep already, when I'm under stress. I've been told I did an entire phone call (account #, etc) in my sleep while I worked for the Natural Gas company - that is extreme stress
  • I'll take the snoring, talking will get me into trouble (wink)
  • I'd rather talk. I live alone. Snoring usually means that you have somnolent breathing difficulty and it also usually results in insufficient sleep.
  • More than once ive woken myself up by talking in my sleep,lol
  • If I slept with a S/O I would say I would rather snore. Talking with the S/O might lead to a tad bit of trouble. If you know what I mean. LOL +5 fun question Zack! Keep 'em comin'!
    • Majik-1
      Snoring keeps them awake all night & you'll get dumped sooner than later!!!
  • Well my husband snores enough for both of us, so I'll take talking!!! LOL
  • Oh talk in my sleep I am more embarrased about snorin g:)
  • i will have to say talk as i do really talk in my sleep.
  • I do both but i dont snore loudly so i guess thats a good thing.
  • Snoring, i dream of some weird things i dont want people to know about XD
  • talk judgein' on the state of my sheets(and penguins) wehn i wake up i'm a wild sleeper and by that i mean i turn, twist, and thrash alot...hmmmm prehaps i sleep dance?
  • I dnt do both :) i am a deep sleeper.
  • snoring is ok.. talk can cause a serious problem
  • I think that I'd prefer talking as I live alone & I've NEVER woken myself talking; but, I have woken myself up snoring. 😑
  • I've done both. I have a CPAP now and have used it at the hospital and no one said I still snore with it, and I haven't had night terrors in about a decade, and I don't think I've walked in my sleep since I was a kid. Don't know if I still talk in my sleep. No one has said I did for about 30 years now. And I'd rather not do either.
  • I think I'd rather talk. Snoring can be a sign of sleep apnea. A very serious illness that makes it difficult to breath.....unless treated. Divine the actor who was a female impersonator for John Water movies passed from Apnea. He is best known for the original "Hairspray" movie.
  • If your conscience is clear: sleep talking because the talk is short, and it rarely involves long or drawn-out conversations compared to snoring for hours.

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