• Yes, I was getting my hair dyed red and first the bimbo hairdreser turned it an effort to fix it, she turned it orange. After I threatened to kill her, the owner came over and dyed it black...I looked like Elvira and my hair was breaking like straw...I then received free conditioning treatments for the next 6 months to restore my hair and never, ever, ever got my hair dyed by them again!
  • I did my friends hair once and I made it orange. It was soo funny. We fixed it but we laughed about that for days
  • Yea I died my black and this is what I got. Can't do a thing with it. :(
  • I had highlights and the day before grad we went swimming in my friends pool. Two of us ended up with green hair. Mine wasn't as bad as my friends was. We both got it fixed in time though!
  • dont do it.
  • No,but I did manage to get a blob of hot glue in the back of my hair a few days ago...
  • My biggest story is actually funny now, but not at the time. I have very long and thick hair. I am also turning grey something severe. So I decided to put a dark color on and cover my grey and also for a change. I think i did a brown, I was going to highlight it afterwards. Anyhow, I bought 4 boxes thinking that would be plenty of die. ummmmmmmmmmmm nope it wasn't and as much as I tried to make it stretch to the ends it just wasn't working. I hopped in my car and went back to rite aide with hair die running down my face and looking very scary. (to appreciate it more, i am one of the people that do NOT leave my house without make upand hair done)
  • I actually fell asleep with lightener in my hair. I turned bleach blond.... and cried :'(
  • when I was younger my mom went to dye her hair from brown to blonde and i came home from school and she was crying - her hair was orange!!! flaming orange
  • When I was in high school the last two years I went to cosmotology school too, I have seen lots of funny things, from a guy who wanted to impress the girls so let them wax his mustache to green hair from a bad bleach. I was very new and this lady (customer) came in and wanted her hair washed, set, and styled. I couldn't get it right for her. She was very bitchy and I was in tears. I had just teased the whole thing again when my teacher came over, took the cape off and said "you're done" no one treats my students like that! I was overjoyed. So out she went with her hair ratted and sticking out all over! ha ha ha... :)
  • eurgh yes, blonde always turns into a brassy shade of yellow...
  • Yes..I let my niece who was a cosmetology student practice on my hair. She ran out the door before she would let me look in a mirror..It was the color of hawaiian punch :)
  • A girl I know dyed her hair once and bleached it twice in the span of the 3 days She took a shower and her hair practically started melting off She said she was taking chunks of it off Next time I saw her it was incredibly short and a very light shade of orange
  • Oh yes...when red was least that is what I thought,lol
  • Marge Simpson big n' blue

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