• Most definitely. If they like each other, whats the problem with a little age difference?
  • Yes, she can ..BUT how much older than 18 are we talking about ? THAT is the question .
  • Date yes. Physical relationship is a big risk that can result in jail time and lifetime record. OTOH, just be cause it's the law doesn't necessarily make it right, but it is the law
  • Yes. It's legally and ethically permissible by any reasonable standard.
  • yes, especially if it is just a few years. After a certain age on the man's part it becomes a bit creepy though.
  • well according to my observation i think its okaii for a 17 year old date guy who is over 18 but only if he's under 25 if the guy is over 25 i would say thats wrong cause you should be focusing on guys who is within your age group
  • Well I dated a girl that was 17 while I was 18 going on 19... Had sex daily basis... both families were cool with it. The only person that can get screwed is the guy... and that's if the girl wants him to be screwed... So if you trust the chick its all good.
  • Wow, I'm amazed at the assumption that goes on here... Simple answer: depends. What state, and how old is he? Ages of statutory rape vary by state, and also usually depend on how old he is. If I remember correctly, though, as long as he's 18-23, it's legal everywhere. I'd check on the net, or call your local police department, as they'd probably know.
  • She sure can. Why try and stop them if they're in love? That'd be kinda cruel wouldn't it?
  • Some states in the US have a 16 age of consent, I have no clue what other countries do. A lot of guys or even women who are somewhat over 18 look for others in that age range simply because the people their age see their shit from a mile away, been their done that, so they go younger. I wouldn't date anyone much below the age of 30, I'm 34. Women in my age bracket have defiantly been their and done that, so they want you to be for real, some get around that by going lower in age.
  • probably not since shes underage
  • i dont think so

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