• Yes...It is an old joke and not even funny
  • Seven ate Nine!
  • That's why 6 was sad.
  • Oh, dear... This is a big family joke for me. My nanna was trying to tell us all the joke and was really excited about it, and she said "why was six scared? because seven nine eight!" and we all couldn't stop laughing, and she was really confused because she knew it wasn't as funny as that, we have joked about it rather a lot ever since. Then years later, we were trying to take some pictures and she couldn't smile properly, so we said 'seven, nine, eight', which enabled her to smile rather a lot, then she tried to say 'seven, nine, eight' to someone else to get them to smile, and accidentally said 'three, six, nine'. She is quite a funny one.
  • No. I heard 6 8 7
  • Yes it starts off 'why was 6 afraid of 7' because 7 8 9.

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