• Either he is still into you or he didn't get into anyone that night. Chances are he still loves you.
  • Probably because he doesn't have the nerve to call you sober.
  • He knows your about to kick ass
  • 1:he's prob not over you yet, ansd when he is drunk he get's more emmotional. 2: He could be weak, and not have the nerve to call sober. 3: he didn't get lucky that night and takes his chances with you. 4:etc 5:etc JUST DON'T PICK UP THE PHONE
  • I think he is still hung up on you and sometimes especially for men it's easier to call that woman they into when they have had a few drinks.
  • He's hoping to get his leg-over
  • Maybe he's not over you...?
  • He's not over you and he can't hold his booze. Block his number.
  • Because you continue to take the calls. If you want this behavior to stop, say that you will not speak with him when he has been drinking, and hang up.
  • drunk dialing!!!!! and remember, drunken words are sober thoughts!
  • yeah my ex used to do that drink and dial , I guess what he just wanted to get a piece of ass.. and guess who was the dumb ass????????? yeah me for answering his calls...
  • he's not over you may be when he drinks he has the courage to say what he has in his heart
  • For attention and because he knows that you will probably answer if you have answered in the past... he might not be over you but i wouldn't really say that he might just want to get laid because since he is drunk he feels unstoppable... he might also not have anyone else to call... it also depends on how long ago you guys where done if its recent he might still think he can get some... and when is a better time then when he is drunk
  • Orrrrr, when he's sober he has what's called, "self-control". When he drinks he loses what's called, "self-control". Stop talking to him, if he drinks to the point where he loses what keeps him from being "self-respecting" then you know damn well he wont respect his girl or whoever he's with. By the way I'm an avid drinker but a limit is a limit where ever that may be. If you don't know it, then dont drink... Not knowing that limit destorys relationship and kills people, including those who didn't even drink (ie: drunk driving).
  • Because you are still special to him. My ex husband called me for years when he drank. Once you love someone and are loved by them, they will always mean something to you.
  • It used to be called Dutch Courage. But that's unfair to the Dutch so now it called Liquid Courage. Doesn't have the same ring, I know. ☺
  • Maybe you're the keeper of the booze.
  • He thinks he will get back with you, funny how it only seems to be when he is drunk. Dutch courage I think they call it, suddenly he can talk to you after never saying a word during the relationship I'm guessing. Good luck with that problem, maybe blocking his number might help, or changing yours
  • Just being drunk and dialing your number as prank calling you.
  • He is sentimental, and he has regrets, and he still has feelings for you.
  • when ur drunk u really can't remember too many things so u go with what comes to mind. The first number he remembers is yours and as long as you answer that is the number he will call.
  • Because,he thinks that you are the only one unforgettable person that's why. OR you did something wrong to him OR you did lots of good things to him.
  • because he still cares about you and when someone drinks the feelings come out

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