• I don't usually congratulate other members.
  • I never congratulated those I did not know through interactions or were on my friends list. I am sure you get a few congrats maybe even many who knows. since here lately so many congratulate for every little thing I do check and see if they are at least at sage or above if it is someone I know well.
  • No,but I have stopped congratulating.It seems sort of pointless. (Pun intended)
  • I congratulate those that I personally know, not those who I don't
  • I usually only congratulate people on my friends list.
  • Nope, I don't congradulate anyone.
  • Nah, I don't check. Wot the 'ell. If someone wants to play, let them play. No skin off my nose.
  • lol...funny question. I usually have to recognize the name and appreciate the contribution. Would make an interesting experiment though;)
  • I don't congratulate anyone really. Even friends, I don't think much of the friends list. Doesn't mean one thing
  • I am afraid that some people would not be amused and you could get some downrates after they checked... I usually have a look at the profile of the people if I don't know them already, before congratulating them.
  • I do not answer those unless I know the person who asked the question or the person about whom the question was asked. If someone I don't know asks a question about someone I don't know why would I answer? Now, I trust my friends to be honest and not play tricks on me. If I find out differently, then I change my opinion of that person..once I know I cannot trust someone the "friendship" is broken. :)
  • "Who'd like to join in congratulating PonySpellsTrouble for gallopping her way up to sage?"
  • Your question would be marked as nonsense, if that's the case. Do I check? Not really. I congratulate practically everyone here. I believe people are naturally good, and would do the right thing and wouldn't post a congrats question about a fictitious Answerbag member. I've seen one such question though. So what? This is just a website anyways. However, the user who posted the question might be sent to the Penalty Box.

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