• They either have a very bitter outlook on life and search for any flaw in others or they find pleasure in being disruptive. neither I would have any use for.
  • sounds like a troll to me or someone who just DRs everyone who disagrees with them.
  • Point whore. Control freak. That's a couple of the nicest things I can come up with.
  • ..obviously not the kind of person who will sit well with AB users if they are being that negative ..:O)
  • They find 30% of questions or answers not helpful.
  • a straight forward person :| in short backstabber
  • They could be a troll, or they could be someone who doesn't rate all that much. Think about it... 1 negative rating for someone who's given only 3 ratings is 67%. 2 out of 6 is 60%, 3 out of 10 is 70%. If they've been here a while and only give a VERY few ratings (and there are those out there), are they really a "troll"? The "+Ratings Given" can be an indicator, but is not the "be all". If you KNOW for a FACT that they give ratings a lot, then yes... You can call them a troll. But if you have no clue (and that includes THEIR questions... Sometimes people like or dislike the questions and answers and will uprate or downrate them, even if they aren't theirs or related, you know), then how can you call anyone a troll based solely on this?
  • Troll alert!
  • I used to DR alot more than I URed, because I didn't ask many questions (which is the main time I UR) and I think it's the responsibility of the question asker if they think the answer is helpful. I would DR though if the answer was pointless or unhelpful (not because I didn't agree). It doesn't necessarily mean the person is a troll, they may just not use the points system for giving away points
  • Selfish or just lazy.
  • Either someone who doesn't rate their answers much or a someone who down rates 30% of the time.
  • Well now. I have not paid much attention to using the rating thing. I have uprated more than I down rated. But I guess I am one of those folks who doesn't use it much at all. I did not know the % thing was related to my using the UR or the DR. This AB gig can be a tad confusing even after all the answers I have given. My rating has risen to around 80% since I came on board. At one point early on it was at 71%. Glad I checked this qustion out.
  • I think I will try me best to avoid them ;-)
  • whats it to yah. i didnt realize we were case studies. a troll could be someone who just gives plus points. a troll could be someone who doesnt give any points.
  • does it make any difference as i have not been paying the ratings and things like that. Will I ger banned for them.
  • Damned honest.
  • I would think they rate more honestly than the majority of users here. My percent of positive ratings is 78%, which I am sure some consider quite low. I think it's ridiculous that so many people view negative ratings as trolling or as unfair. It could be a great method of quality control here, but as it is used now, it is pointless. The option of rating questions/answers is there for a reason. If I think an answer sucks, I will give it a negative rating. If I think it's a quality answer, I'll give it a positive rating. I still give positive ratings way more frequently than negatives, but I am not afraid to give them when they are deserved. Maybe I should start avoiding marking incorrect answers on tests because it may hurt a kid's feelings and/or make them feel unintelligent. I'll just put a smiley face next to correct answers instead.

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