• I dont think I would want to ride on that railways, that is a bit much, almost ridiculous
  • Brilliant! It really depends how long people sit in the car with the engine running and use that as an excuse to say they hadn't really 'parked up'. If you expect a constant flow of traffic into and out of those spots and you need to get your train, you'd be livid if half the spots were out of action.
  • If it's called VIRGIN Rail there must be a reason...
  • Hugging inside sounds more personal but yeah does seem bit gov't in ur personal business.Back off just a kiss
  • That is nuts...... if I knew which station I'd go with my wife & stay there all day just to wind them up. I'd love to see a newspaper headline on that!
  • Well, I can empathize with them, but it's ludicrous to have to implement such a thing! Let them say goodbye. Imagine having to say goodbye to your loved one and not having the chance to kiss them.
  • Indeed it is just a first baby step toward where we all need to go. How about a No Love zone. Then a No Civility of any Kind zone. Let's get with the hatred first program, here.
  • just have to rub noses then!
  • Very stupid...they don't want the place to look like another 1940's WWII movie.
  • Sounds very big-brotherish to me. I always knew that Westerners were frigid and squeamish about PDA, but this takes the cake!
  • they should try and give a time frame of how long your allowed to be there, not restrict your actions
  • Sounds as if the Puritans are trying to make a comeback. Everyone should be required to read John Donne's love sonnets. beto0880@gmail
  • Wow. That's an odd form of traffic control!! I have never heard of something like that!! I think it is a bit of overkill!!! I can imagine how people must have reacted to that! How do they enforce that? Do they have someone standing there making sure no one is kissing!!! How about hugging or shaking hands or patting someone on the back or even getting in a fist fight before they get out of their cars!!! Is that OK. LOL
  • Ooooh have they done it in Chesire too, which station? I think its crazy..does it mean you can't kiss loved ones goodbye?
  • Can you atleast have sex there? :)

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