• I'm not egotistical enough to try quoting myself.
  • Ahhh as the wise ImNotAnonymous once said: "....Don't be a dick."
  • Oh yes, I do. Since I am very sentimental and I do look back at some memories, I always have my personal quotes. Try it. It's one way of releasing your emotions.
  • by the way, this is a great gift idea when you're out with friends, and then you're always capturing quotes, and then you can make a book out of it. The have done that for example then in school after a school year, and that are really funny quotes came out
  • I love quotes and have written quite a few myself. Here are a couple of mine: 1) "When you promote racism, it's a little like prodding a snake with a stick - eventually, you get bitten. It'll be your own fault, but still, you'll blame the snake - and this will justify killing it." 2) "You can never have so many friends that you can afford to lose one." 3) "When you maintain an immutable narrative with no room to explore facts contrary to its tenant, you don't grow and neither does your knowledge of the truth." 4) "Denial is no substitute for intelligence."

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