• It's not that difficult to get a cell phone today. Even with terrible credit. My friends wife got one with a two year contract with absolutely horrible credit and a lawsuit from her last cell phone company. Oddly enough her phone got shut off a few months later and she's being sued by this company. If you have a job they can pretty much get their money and a lot of fees if you don't pay. That is the ONLY site endorsed by the government for getting your free annual credit report. You won't get a score with the free version, but you can see anything you owe and anyone that's reporting negatively on your credit. That way you can contest anything that's wrong, or even pay any that maybe you've forgotten about along the way.
  • It could mean that your credit score has improved - bear in mind, you have told us in previous questions that you work very hard and have saved a lot of money - also, you have been earning for two years now But -also - think about it - people are not spending right now, so all companies are going to make sure they get customers rather than lose them to another company. So, if they give you a phone, then you will not go to another company. They may have relaxed their rules on phones.

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