• I am, lol!
  • It seems there is always something new with her so I don't really tire of hearing about the updates. Now her mom has filed for bankruptcy and I heard may lose the house. Now what, are all of them going to be homeless too?!!
  • Me. And I'm sick of all the hypocrites bagging her and obsessing over her life at the same time.
  • OMG I am so tired of it.She is getting exactly what she wants.And I do not see how she came up with so much money to look like Angelina Jolie.I feel sorry for her mom ya no she is old and should not have to babysit.She has three kids that are severely handicapped and does not want the dad involved crazy lady and what really makes me mad as that we have to pay taxes on all that.
  • I think it's really interesting -- not so much her situation, but peoples reactions to it. There are those who are unavailable for comment because their heads promptly exploded given the news she receives food stamps, those who are knitting hats as we speak, those who think she should be sterilised... so many people have tried to make the events of someone else's uterus their business, it's truly bizarre.
  • Not me, because that just tells me that things could be worse if thats all people are talking about.
  • Ditto!!
  • I haven't been watching the news about it. But, I'm wondering what her plans are. I mean I don't know how she's going to be able to handle that many kids. Look at that show Jon & Kate plus eight. Look at all of the work those parents have to put in for just eight kids.

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