• Sometimes they do by getting a hard time from narrow minded, ignorant, intolerant ass**les
  • I think Biracial children are an equal part of todays society. however I live in Canada so I'm not 100% sure about in the US.
  • Yes... although it is slowly getting better as time goes on. Many biracial children have trouble being accepted by other children of either race or they are forced to choose one race with whom to identify. As I said, I have noticed definite steps forward, but any biracial child is inevitably going to face certain challenges that other children might not.
  • No, I do not think biracial children have it harder. If any of them do, it is only because of the narrow-mindedness of the older people who are set in their ways, and crap. When you see biracial children playing with other children, their peers see only that this child is their friend and playmate. It is only after their parents or other family members open up there traps that the indoctrination into stupidity begins. i hope I am not being too mean spirited, but I have a biracial nephew whom I love dearly.
  • YES...BIRACIAL CHILDREN DO HAVE IT HARD! I can't compare to other countries. But, I myself am biracial and if you are NOT biracial you cannot comment on this question and it have meaning. Until you have walked in the shoes of a biracial person you know nothing about being biracial! As a child growing up with a white mother, ppl thought I was adopted and I felt like everywhere I went I had to say MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY to let ppl know that I am hers and still do. Everywhere we went was full of majority white and I always stuck out like a sore thumb! I hated it and always wanted to hide because ppl would stare at the white couple with the little colored kids and wonder...are they hers? did she adopt them? where's their daddy? etc etc... I could just look around and tell ppl had questions. I've never felt like I fit in anywhere. I was never black enough or white enough! It's like I always had to be one or the I grew up though, I started to ask what does it mean to "act" black or "act" white...I had to teach myself to just be me and that that's what everyone else should've been doing! I also didn't have many friends that were girls because I always had a better grade of hair and they would always make comments saying that I thought I was better than them and hated that a lot of the boys liked me. But, really I never said a word and all I wanted was to fit in! I didn't go to the store and pick out my light complextion or my sleek curly hair. I never acted like anything special. Even in Elem. School, my teacher did roll call by our race! I didn't know what to do! She would say, ok all the black kids stand do you think that feels to a 8 yr old who at that moment becomes unsure of who they are! Also my mothers father was racist and we were not allowed in his house! The first time I EVER saw him was when he was dead in his bed! Another thing that always made me feel like less what seeing my moms face when she'd look at white girls. She thought they were so pretty and that made me so jealous to see the look on her face. Although I know I'm beautiful just to see the way she looked that them hurt me! Like I said, it's something that you can't speak about unless you've lived it! Most ppl, when filling out forms can check one box...I have to check OTHER! It's not fair because I am black AND white and should have the option to check BIRACIAL! My mother always checked white because she is white and raised us...but the teacher or nurse or whoever, would look at me and change it! How do you think a child can possibly feel that they fit in in a world that is still so limited in something as simple as a few printed letters? Everyones life is different in the end...but that's just a tiny piece of my life as a biracial person!
  • I always thought biracial women to be quite attractive.... But I guess I'm unique. That and they usually have a diversified history and are the most tolerant people on earth. I think they may be getting the raw end of the stick however they also got the chance to learn about two cultures, sometimes two languages and so fourth so it balances out. Their smarter because of the mix.
  • Yes, because neither black nor white can identify with them & refuse to consider them as a race of both black & white.
  • Who has things harder or easier is subjective, to say the least. Each person and situation is different from every other one.
  • I don't think so. It's fairly common and widely accepted in this area.

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