• I think everyone is the age that they most want to be at - whatever age they were their own, personal, "best" at.
  • I'd hope it would be the age they would like to be. I don't think it would be fair to have all the people who died at a nice old age stuck looking like they did in their old bodies. I think it would be much nicer if they could pick what appearance of themselves they'd like to be.
  • I don't expect to go to heaven, and I do not think that my dead family members are there waiting. I hope they've already reincarnated and are happily living a new life. Having said that, IF heaven is real, IF my family members are there, and IF I go, I'd rather see them as they wish to be. (Sort of like "What Dreams May Come".)
  • Dream on! There is no proof whatsoever that heaven exists. There is no proof that souls exist. Heaven is no more than a fairy tale made up by people because people can't imagine that one day, life just ends. Heaven is this life we have right here, on earth. We'd better make the best of our lives; it's our only chance.
  • It says in the Bible that when we get to Heaven, we will have new bodies. I think this makes perfect sense, as many people who got there in the first place where as results of car crashes, wars and other rather nasty ways to die. I think being seen as a young person, maybe a child would bring the greatest satisfaction.

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