• Great movie, I really enjoyed it. Erin is an amazing woman!
  • My memory of this? I was in theater, and being a very jumpy person in general - -at that beginning, I swear it's before the opening credits -- there is a horrific car crash? I screamed, yelled ,and jumped out of my seat -- and I scared three whole rows of people in front of me. After that, I realized it wasn't a horror movie, I guess.
  • Love it, we own the movie and I have watched it several times. I won't let my children watch it yet, though.
  • OMG it's one of my all time favorite films! In fact I think I might put it on now - Hitch has just finished :)
  • I like it. Erin Brockovich is an inspiring movie based on a true story that centers around justice, fairness and truth.

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