• You to subnet is taking the network mask and sub-dividing it to have smaller IP ranges. A standard class C IP range is with a subnet of which you can see each dot lines up. A number (dot) a number(dot) ect... A 0 in the network mask or subnet mask means you can use all the numbers and that will be one range(block) of IP addresses with one broadcast address and one network address with many hosts. In my example of here are the IP ranges. Network IP Host IP's Broadcast address. Subnet mask Notice how the numbers don't change if its a 255 in the subnet mask. To divide the IP range up you would need to change the subnet mask to something other then Here is an example of dividing it in half. Group A Network IP Host IP's Broadcast address. Group B Network IP Host IP's Broadcast address. Subnet mask for both groups. Here are two sites you could check out: This site explains more about subnetting in detail. This is just a simple subnet calculator after a while of networking you will be able to do it in your head just as fast.

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