• If there is bad acting then I will never make it to the end.
  • The point of a narrative movie is to immerse the audience inside the story. So anything that is distracting enough to remind an audience that they are watching a movie is a bad thing. What is most effective at doing that (being a distraction) is up to each individual, however, audiences have shown themselves traditionally to be forgiving of problems with images and less so with bad acting and poor SOUND. If the acting is bad, then it is impossible to believe that the people on screen are those characters so the point of telling the story can be ruined. If the audience is straining to hear the dialogue, they'll become frustrated and stop paying attention to the story. Brian Dzyak Cameraman/Author IATSE Local 600, SOC
  • Poor Acting.
  • They always spoil movies, but throwing in that one woman and then the quick love scenes and at that point I turn the set and usually never turn it back, as I forget. they always ruin it with the kissing. Like they are fixing to get killed and they stop to kiss and make out. How stupid.
  • Bad acting is the worst. It consistently reminds you that you are only watching a movie, and it prevents you from entering the hypnotic state where you can imagine the story to be real. Bad special effects are almost as bad, but for some reason, my imagination seems to fill in the blanks there if the acting is on point.
  • I can handle the first three...but, as a total fool romantic, don't even THINK of giving me a bad ending!
  • Depend on if the whole movie is bad or alot of it is good. If it is totally bad then it is probably bad acting, like Batman Forever. If most of the movie is good, the ending can kind of ruin it if it is crappy enough, like I am Legend.
  • Uwe Boll.
  • Bad acting would do it for me. Even if the special effects are cheesy, I'd find it humorous at how bad they are. I get disappointed with bad endings, like Atonement (at least for me it was bad). But bad acting? I cannot get passed that!

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