• hi my friend ---- love the question. i found yrs ago i am about 1/4 potawatime (sp)too. i have since taken the time to learn their culture and visited one of their reservations in wi
  • i personally don't but my cousin on his father's side is chippewa if you took american history in high school you would have seen a picture of his great grandfather
  • Algonquin Indian bloodline on my mothers side. I was old enough to choose my own Indian name when my family began to embrace this side of our liniage. Telling my Indian name still keeps me anonymous here so I'll reveal it. My true Indian name is Wild Phoenix.
  • 3-10-2017 No, but there was some guy living in the wood shed a few generations back. My grandfather got religion and moved to a farm in Tohellangone, Utah and Gramma left him. Whoo boy, does that ever make for a messed up family! I met my Grandpa once when I was 10 and I sure could see why Gramma didn't want any more of that relationship.
  • Yes I have. CDIB 3X4. Yokuts and Miwok from the mountains of CA. Which band of Shawnee do you belong to? Which clan are you born into? 1/22

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