• My bed is VERY new. We've had it less than a month now. It is a queen size bed. Our sheets and duvet cover are coordinated but not exactly mathcing.
  • This question was written by a girl! :P I'll play along It's about 5 years old, queen, I don't have a base sheet thingy that wraps around the matress but I do have a comforter. I sleep on the sheet and have a blanket over me. And no there is no matching going on.
  • You get a lot more points if you ask each question separately. I got a new King bed when I remodeled my house a few years back. that was before I bought my son a house, and then had him flake on the mortgage payments. Yes, I have matching sheets and pillow cases, because the linen store near my house went out of business and was selling everything for 75% off. I still have one set in the original plastic container, for a few years down the line when the ones I have wear out. I made the comforter myself, and it's a patchwork style, like the curtains and the quilt.
  • I have a full sized bed and nothing matches.
  • 10 months old, queen, matching sheets, pillow cases, totally different comforter
  • I bought 2 of my beds in 2000. I bought the most recent in 2005. I always buy new bedding for a new bed, but in this case, had to as the new bed is pillow top. I do not use comforters, they are too hot, too heavy, and in the case of down, unless you spend huge money, the down in them tends to shift over time. I've done the down comforter thing and won't do it again. I do think that good bedding is essential to a good nights sleep. It makes your body feel good, it makes your skin happy, and if the thread counts are really high, they are nice feeling to your face when sleeping.
  • Oh gee, my twin size bed has got to be between 20 and 25 years old. Sometimes the sheets match, but it's only me and it don't matter when I turn the light out.
  • It's old probably about 10-15 years. It's a queen, the sheets match the pillowcase and are light blue. The duvet cover on the comforter is white, with a whimsical flower pattern with green trim. The duvet and sheets don't match totally, but close enough.
  • @ 5 years queen matching sheets and pillowcases, but the quilt was made by my grandmother.:)
  • my bed is about 4 years old and is a double sized one ,i was going to get a king sized but i like a lot of room in my bedroom ,i always have matching bedding and curtains and by the way its the best bed in the whole world lol.
  • My bed is not new. I bought my bed 40 years ago, and I have a queen-size bed. I have matching bedsheets and pillowcases, however, I don't have a matching comforter. I bought a down comforter about 25 years ago, and it is the only comforter that I have.
  • It's a few years old and it is a King size bed with a pillow top mattress. And yes, I have a matching comforter set.
  • My bed (the frame) was purchased in 1965. It's a full size. The box spring was purchased with the bed frame. The mattress was replaced around 1985. The sheets and comforter match. The flowered pillow cases wore out and have been replaced with solid colors.
  • I like under bed storage, so I got rid of a really big bed I didn't need and I sleep on rectangle ottomans pushed together with a mattress on top. Just bought a new mattress and a sheet set. Already had a comforter.
  • New adjustable bed from Bob's that is 4 years old. All bedding matches.

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