• apparently, i have been getting a blank page for several days.
  • it hasnt gone the new site address is this should work
  • thank you you are a GOD for filling me on on their new location "justathought". : )
  • That site is closed down. is a good alternate.
  • yes it did, and its a good thing because i used to watch movies all the time on it and then one day it completely crashed my whole computer by giving me a virus that my virus software did not pick costed me $100 to erase my whole computer and start from scratch and lost alot of my kids' pictures and ipod music that i paid for...ect. so i do not recommend that site to anyone and if they have put up a new site i wouldn't recommend that either its just not worth losing precious memories of my family pictures ect.
  • it is now www.WATCH-MOVIES-LINKS.NEt
  • You can try
  • it hasnt gone the new site address is it works fine for me

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