• I don't know, I personally don't like the feel of it, but its more a kind of a repulsion, not fear. In fact I crush mosquitoes with my hands. By the way, I also kind of like mice(but only those in a safe environment, I wouldn't like being bitten by a rodent who might carry a disease)
  • Each of us while in the embryonic stage is like a reptile or fish so it may carry over to when you are born! My theory is that when you die your brain reverts to the most fundamental part last so the last experience you will have is that of a reptile! The higher functions are always the first to go!
  • My belief is that people fear what they do not understand. I worked in the field of entomology , not an entomologist how ever. So i have no fear of insects, respect for what they can accomplish, but no fear. This is the same with reptiles. All my children and grandchildren have kept reptiles of some kind as family pets. Again, I respect but do not fear. So as I said in the beginning, Ignorance causes fear of the unknown.

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