• I did it based on their maturity, not age, one was 10 and the other was 12. That was only for an hour, as they got older and proved to be trustworthy the time was extended.
  • realistically id wait till at least 12yrs old, but id add or subtract depending on usual attitude and obedience.
  • my son was about 9, when we started first to leave him alone for ten minutes, then twenty, etc.. you have to test the waters first so to speak.. he's always been very mature, and obedient,if you can trust your child not to go against normal rules(like dont play with matches!) then you can start with the probation period. he's nearly 11 now, so we can leave him for about two hours. but nothing at night still way too paranoid for that.
  • I started to leave my kids home alone while i went to work at about 13 years old:)
  • For a short period of time, while I ran out for milk, or to the post office, around age 9 or 10, but not more than a half hour. Working up to a couple of hours shopping, around age 12.

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