• i know its a horrible feeling, ive been depressed alot too lately over a girl ive been in love with that doesnt love me back and i'm just doing my best to keep it out of my mind by focusing on meeting new people, also talking to people close to you about it helps, hope this helped, u can talk to me if you need to :)
  • Well, your life doesn't depend on him...You've friends, right? Like, people you can actually trust. Talking to other people, especially your friends and people close to you, helps a lot.
  • yes it happened to me... the love of my life 'moved on' with another girl. Its been 10 years and i know that he will always remain foremost in my life. Never had equal or greater feelings for any other guy. I couldnt compromise and settle for a guy I dont like as much as I liked him, so I am painfully and unwillingly alone. My honest answer to your question is that you cant avoid the painful thoughts and feelings, in fact there is nothing you can do. Going out and meeting other guys is a waste of time and energy and talking to so called friends doesnt work because others will never understand the depths of your pain. Time often does not makes things better in this case and often makes the pain worse. All I can say is that it is just your luck and your destiny. Just embrace it all with your heart and soul and live your life encompassing all the pain, all the tears, but most of all, all the happiness you experienced from which all the pain arises in the first place. When you look at it this way I am sure you will agree with me that no matter what the consequences turned out to be, that happiness you once felt with him was worth all the tears and all the pain and more. Always celebrate that happiness.
  • While i'm not going to go to extreme's at either end, don't push yourself. Just, let it all happen around you, and don't think about moving on, because it will just happen
  • well its a bit hard to forget about him but not impossible...... all you have to do is have the will to forget him and move on in life........ he fell in love with other gal...... no prob..... you also have many other nice guys to fall in love with you........ see fining a right guy can make you forget all the past's bitter experience.......... remember love is the cure for the love hurted..... :) don't think that you are cheated think you have someone better than him in your life waiting for you..... to give you all the happiness in the world....... :)
  • Get some things going for yourself like jobs, work, interests, activities that don't depend on being with a guy. Then if they leave you and forget about you there will still be enough of just you left for you will still have a life by yourself and won't get so depressed.
  • make yourself busy! in a PRODUCTIVE ways! remember that :) dont waste yourself. your time.. your future just because of your bad past.. it's just the blessing in disguise. ok? dont dwell in your past. because the best is yet to come.
  • fuck some other boi

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