• Unless you feel sorry for him, avoid him. People like that are rigid and reforming them would take alot of effort (and chances are you won't succeed).
  • Mercilessly rip him a new one, just like I did to 'Frenchy' Heheheheheheheheh!
  • id avoid him; you probably cant get through to him, and ripping him will more than likely just make him worse!
  • By your description I would never know he was "really a good person". You say anal, over-sensitive and defensive. What are his good qualities so we have something to compare with his not-so-good qualities? Being a good person is too vague..what is good about him? Happy Friday! :)
  • I'm not sure how someone gets to be a 'good person' if they are so over-sensitive, anal and defensive. Sounds like it's hard to get to know them to find out. I think I would just do my thing and if his barriers came down a little and we got to know each other, fine with me. I'm not out to change everyone, only if they want it.
  • he is probably off his meds. i would say, 4. be their friend. friends accept, they dont try and help.
  • I'd tend to keep out of his way somewhat and only help him if he specifically asked for help as otherwise it would only make me seem as if I were interfering.
  • Stay away from him as much as possible and tell him that you are not that way.
  • i had a boss like this, she was a very good person but she was difficult to work with, however her intentions were good. I hated working with her and i would feel sick on my way to work because i knew that she was going to get on my nerves about something petty, i eventually cut my hours at that job so i would only have to work with her 2 hours daily and i got another job to supplement my income, before you know it i was working 7 days a week, 2 jobs both part time just to avoid her and get my 40 hours, when i thought about the sacrifices i was making i realized, screw her and the job, and i started working somewhere else. i lied and said i was very sick and would not be able to return, i wish that i could just maybe write her a letter and tell the truth about why i left after all i did like the job. i lasted 2 years there in those 2yrs we had 21 new employees come and go because of her, the owner was aware but did nothing, he would just say we are working on it. so while he works on it the company still has a high employee turn over, so who is at fault? the owner, the crazy supervisor or me for leaving?
  • avoid him
  • avoid him

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