• Well with you cleaning his room and he is a teenager he is already telling you he IS a baby
  • Maybe he's telling you that you're a Granny or about to be.
  • Or hes got a kid you dont know about.
  • I doubt that very much. He may have gotten someone pregnant
  • my teenager son finally told me he wants me to treat him like a baby i told him the only way i will do that is if he sleeps in a baby crib and does every thing that a baby does im giving him 5 more minutes to think about it if he says says than its on
  • I do not think he wants YOU to treat him like a baby. He may have a woman that he wants to treat him that way. Also, as previous answers have said, he may have gotten someone pregnant. Either way, he has not told you about anything and so it is not your business. I think you should pretend you never saw what you did. If he wants you to know anything, then he will tell you. I do not mean to sound harsh to you, however, teenagers should be given their privacy. I think it would be ok to remind him that if he needs to talk to you about anything that you are there to listen. However, that is as far as you should go. Stay out of it!
  • Yes, you are about to be a grandparent.
  • I would go beyond this thought and question your son about a new baby in the family. Sounds like your son may be a new daddy at a very early age.
  • It's infantilism. It doesn't mean he's a pedophile and it doesn't mean he wants you to treat him like a baby. If you wish to discuss it with him, tell him you still love him and realize it isn't harmful. I'd let him know you aren't going to tell dad either.
  • I think he is ganno be a dad or maybe one of his friends is going to be a parent. As far as the size of the diapers go, maybe he didnt know about the different sizes. After all what teen age boy knows about diapers? Another thing could be a joke or dare type of thing.
  • Considering you call yourself babyaubie and are male I am guessing this is about your fetish and not your sons, if you have a son.

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