• They don't care. They only see pro-choice as murder and neither you nor I will ever convince them otherwise.
  • They don't see it in a paradigm of choice. They see it in a more dualistic paradigm: pro-life, and pro-abortion. Of course, there is no one advocating abortion in all circumstances. This misconception is fairly rampant, and I see the fallacious assumption everywhere. I just saw a bumper sticker the other day that said, "Be Pro-life. Your Mother Was." Actually, my mother was pro-choice, and she chose to have 2 children. When I have children, I will be a pro-choice mother. However, that simply doesn't seem to occur to many people, particularly those who think the debate can be reduced to slogans and sound-bites.
  • No. Anyone who would take away a woman's right to choose what is best for her and her own body is unwilling to remove their head from their ass. It is easy to deduce that they are unwilling to understand many things.
  • I know many pro-choice people who find abortion repulsive and would never even consider it for themselves.
  • Because they tend to promote and defend abortion, even when there is no risk to the mother's life.
  • Some people feel that killing a 24 week old fetus, which is allowable under abortion law, is little different than killing a newborn. Pro-choice defends the right to kill up to and including 24 week old fetuses. When someone says they support existing abortion law, what is heard is defending the right to kill someone that could live outside.
  • I am guessing they understand it but disagree with it.
  • If you're cool with people killing their own offspring because they would get in the way, I don't think it matters that you're willing to make exceptions.
  • It should be "Pro-Life" and "Women's Freedom"!!!!
  • They consider pro-choice people to be evil by nature, and therefore assume that their choices will always be to have an abortion. Pro-choice can also mean protecting a woman's right to continue a pregnancy when others wish her to terminate it.
  • Those who get upset about someone being pro-choice are not thinking that "you will always choose abortion," what they are upset about is that you would EVER choose abortion. The meaning of the word "choice" when it comes to abortion means you are not against abortion.
  • You only have to choose to kill one person to be considered a murderer.
  • Exactly

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