• Change the locks next time she goes out.
  • Change the locks. Press charges if she illegally enters your home.
  • first of all, depending what state you live in, find out what the laws are for getting someone out of your home that has lived there over 30 days. changing locks and dumping her stuff can be grounds for legal action AGAINST you, can you believe it!!???
  • Wait till she goes out for an extended period of time and change the locks on all the doors
  • change the lock on the door.
  • Call the cops
  • thats interesting you are no longer dating i guess? just call the cops next time....
  • Well I heard this.....If her clothes and other stuff are there and she has been residing there for 6 months she has a legal right to be there. Now I am not 100% sure on that where you live but that is for Montana anyways. +6
  • Get her to leave again and then change the locks while she's gone, because then there is no issue of you barring her from her home because she left.
  • Lock her out.
  • Change the locks use dead bolts.
  • Change the locks and if she causes a scene call the police. Also, it might be a good idea to break up with her. Peace.
  • I recommend you consult with an attorney. Depending on where you live and for how long she has lived with you, this could get very complicated. It may cost you a couple hundred dollars to speak with an attorney, but it will be money well-spent. When you go to meet with the attorney, bring with you a copy of your lease. Also bring with you an exhaustive list of everything in the house that she owns or that she can claim you both own. make sure the lawyer is qualified to speak with you about this issue BEFORE you go tto meet with him/her. Good luck.
  • Change the locks and charge her with trespassing if she tries to break in.
  • Next time she leaves take all her stuff and throw it out into the middle of the road, run it over, Change the locks on everything and then.... Yea, thats about it. If you wanna go overboard burn it all.
  • Here we have a law that says if someone's living on your property and they aren't paying they're called "squatters" and you call the police.
  • The first thing you should do is ask her to leave. If she does not leave, the second thing you should do is break up with her. Why stay in a relationship with someone who does not respect your wishes? The third thing you should do is determine if she is legally a tenant or not. If she is not, then call the police and have her removed or simply change the locks. If she is, then give her notice and evict her.
  • Call the po-po!
  • Put her stuff on the porch, change the locks, and file a police report. She is harassing you.

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