• No matter how advanced the world gets, there will always be superstition.
  • My wife and i have always said that the internet is the devil. It started as a basis of world information. Now, its noted mainly for porno.
    • Mircat
      I dont know what kind of circle you travel in but nobody I know from work or social talks about internet porn or knows anyone who does. I think your global statement is incorrect.
  • No. Everyone needs something to believe in, some more than others. Thats where religion comes in.
  • The trouble is identifying what's correct on the internet. Simply because anyone can put stuff out there, so many people do, and some of it is, frankly, utterly barking mad. If something sounds right, how do you tell if it is or not? Could there just be a bunch of people that believe something weird and post convincing websites? Until there's a way of verifying fact from fiction on the internet, it won't have much impact in this area. Even when there is, people are still deeply religious, and either accept scientific knowledge or deny it. Doesn't seem to affect the outcome much...
  • Yes, and it will make us all into Borg too. Resistance is futile!
  • One could only hope; however, it seems to be doing quite the contrary and Fundies are proliferating in this media and have made it into a new way for their gratuitious proselytizing and networking (please see not only the religion section in this very site but also; something which is damn ironic considering that they not only deny but also want to quash the very scientific knowledge that came up with the Internet technology to begin with but, hey, seeing the hypocrisy of the actions is not their strongest points
  • Religion and science are not incompatible. (It is only the closed mined natures of some people that that makes it seem as if they are.) So, there is no reason why access to one has to spell the death of the other.
  • The thing I've noticed is that there are people with interest on just about every level of idea and concern. The internet may provide some sort of stability, but too provide silly ideas that people gather around as well.
  • have no idea
  • As long as there are mysteries in life, there will be some form that will attempt to satisfy those spiritual inquiries. Sometimes there are religious believers that will not accept science as un-refutable fact.
  • Heck no. Some religious people and apparently a LOT of Evangelicals believe that scientific facts are lies and straight from the devil. Their belief in that regard seems to disappear, however, as soon as they need medical treatment or surgery...?
  • You mean scientific "fact" - very little of what you think are facts are really just theories and commercial backed factoids. Same thing with historical events - they are open to historical interpretation. Religion on the other hand is like language - a necessity which people abuse and misrepresent until they realise too late.
  • i dont think so
  • Those who want to believe are going to believe. You should know that. I'm assuming you have heard the term "blind faith" which means closed minded focus. Believers are going to flat deny the existence of science or any other proof. They are going to refute with biblical quotes and believe its their proof. So no the internet isnt going to change anything.
  • No. God is truth. He operates within the bounds and obeys the laws of science.

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