• Welcome to the club!
  • Sometimes, I think I am going to bite the sucker off.
  • Not very hard. Some people really DON'T know, and aren't going to until they ask, right?
  • Yeah, just had an experience with that a few minutes ago on the site. Ask a question and thought the poster was being sarcastic, but the person was sincere. All I said, was "no kidding!" Someone gave me a -11...loll..Did apologize to the poster. Thought that was a little overboard...-11!
  • first of all, CONGRATULATIONS on recognizing that you need to resist the urge to "set people right"! the only time you are allowed to give your advice is when it's asked for, and then be sure to be gentle if you want the person to take your advice seriously. great question!!
  • I am sarcastic in many ways, but I never bite my tongue.

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