• I'm saying British, but then again, I am British and I get it more. But I think because it comes on so many layers, and so many depths. The fast wit, the sarcasm, the serealism... its perfection. The amazing sit-coms, the stand-up, it is second to none! Yes, American comedy is good too, but to me British Comedy is the elite, the best, the Cuban cigar, the big cheese, the cream of the crop, the dogs b*llocks as it were
  • I'd have to say British. I love the dryness of it.
  • British: Some of my favs are: Monty Python,The Fast Show, Blackadder, Little Britain...
  • Im an American so I'll go with British just because I don't get to see much of it.. but what I have seen is hilarious.
  • Im British. I think the overall quality of British humour is better. I think American TV has too many restrictions on it to get away with what we enjoy in the UK. Take Absolutely Fabulous. The main characters are drug taking alcoholics. This could not be made like that in America. When I think of TV programs, - Dads Army, Porridge, The Vicar of Dibly, Only Fools and Horses, Monty Python, Harry Enfield, The Fast Show, One Foot in the Grave, Keeping Up Appearances, Absolutely Fabulous, Men Behaving Badly, The Office, Mr Bean, Fawlty Towers, Blackadder,... the list goes on for excellent programs. (Personally Im not so sure about Little Britain - some bits great others...) We get a lot of American comedy programs but the quality varies a lot more. Ones I think have been great :- Married With Children, The Simpson, Fraser, Friends, Ally McBeal, Mash, ... American TV remade the Office - no where near as good as the original. I already mentioned Absolutly Fabulous and the problems they had with tgrying to make it in USA. (Mind you our version of Married With Children is best forgotten). The Cinema is slightly different because there eyou can get away with doing a lot more. Eddie Murphys early films were fantastic. I love the Jerry Lewis films... All way better than our Carry On films etc. America has much bigger budgets and puts that money to good use. The biggest film comedy stars are American and I enjoy their films enormously. Oh heck lets just call it even as I cant make up my mind
  • I think British humor is funnier. It seems to have more to it than American humor.
  • British without a doubt. Just watch some stand-up & it becomes pretty obvious.
  • American. I don't get Benny Hill,Monthy Python,Black Adder and I never will.
  • british. Blackadder, Monthy Python, the Office - need I say more?
  • I'm an american, so I'm biased. American FTW. Sorry but nothing beats standup legends like christopher titus, eddie griffin, chris rock.
  • Definitely British! ;-)
  • Depends on my mood. I like them both.
  • British, two words, Monty Python
  • British if you're British. American if you're American. There are enough cultural differences that there are LOTS of unshared topics and types of humor even though the language is (for the most part) shared.
  • British. That does not mean American humour is not funny, it is, it just means British is funnier!
  • Monty Python is not funny. I fart in your general direction?? That's not funny. I fart on your stupid face! NOW THAT'S COMEDY! Quite honestly though, I'm sure if I was from over yonder, I'd find British humor a lot funnier. The worst is the Americans that "pretend" to like British humor because it makes them worldly and different. Also, really Ally McBeal you find funny? Friends? Always Sunny in Philadelphia, funniest show ever. South Park, and the Simpsons. That's it, and I will admit American TV is so terrible right now it makes me want to Kevin Youkilis all over the floor. And many of the shows now are taken from Jolly Ol' England, American Idol ahem....take it back....NOW!!
  • British, without a doubt. And I say that as a American Anglophile.
  • definatly british

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