• Get off the computer right now and call the ambulance.
  • call an ambulance!!! NOW!!!
  • Bring him to the ER or the doctor depending on your time zone. He is VERY sick. Kids tend to run higher fevers but only once or twice have I EVER gotten so bad as to be 104! He should be rushed there ASAP. I really have to question your sanity for sitting here asking a bunch of people who mostly just have opinions and do not have degrees in this feild?!
  • we took him to the er and they gave him a shot of rocephin and said to take him back to the doctor monday if he is not better. when his fever goes down he feels a little better. when his fever goes up he is lifeless like
  • Another exact same response: You need to take your child to the ER right now. He/she is VERY sick.
  • While you're waiting for the ambulance or readying him for transport, get someone to soak a towel is cool water to put around his head. Try to get some fluid in him stat.
  • 104 is not unusual for an ill child, no need to panic. It takes a temperature of 107 to injure the brain. My children had 104/105 several times when they were younger. Give your child a bath, in cool water, not uncomfortably cold, just cool. This will bring it down. Give your child some childrens Tylenol, then Motrin a couple of hours later, alternate them. They will keep the temperature down. Monitor your childs temperature, at least every couple of hours. The biggest danger of high temperature is dehydration, you must get your child to drink some liquids. If the high temperature lasts more than a 2-3 days the child should see a doctor.
  • call the ambulance or take her the the hospetal

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