• Beacuse science cant prove they dont exist...
    • Franco333
      And after the so-called scientists have been working so hard over the centuries to prove or disprove it, yet even after millions of hours in tests, experiments and research projects...the answers elude their best efforts to find the truth. Those poor humble scientists! LOL.
  • Science doesn't tell us much. We really know very little about the world we are in and the nature of our existance. It is possible that ghosts do exist. Personally I don't believe in ghosts... but even if they did exist I don't see any reason to fear a "apparition of a deceased person which frequently carries the deceased person's likeness."
  • scientists say they dont exist because they have no sound proof. people are afraid of ghosts because; 1) they feel their presents 2) the believe they are there (faith)like fear of the Lord, cant prove he is there but ... 3) they have seen a ghost or "strange" things 4) they have heard stories of ghosts from close reletiver / friends 5) TOO MANY GHOST MOVIES IN THEIR LIVES.
  • has there been hard evidence that they dont exsist? some people say that they have had experiences like something moving or seeing something that resembles a person that people cannot explain, there are also photos that science has proved are not fakes in which there is a figure or mist that can not be explained.
  • Why do some people believe something dosn,t exist because 'science' says so?
  • I think it's that whole "they're dead but still walking around" thing. I find that un-nerving.
  • Its human nature to be afraid of what you don't understand.
  • Because it completely defies our mind. It's the ultimate "not normal". I would be just as freaked out if suddenly my dog started talking to me.
  • The only people who actually believe in ghosts in the first place have been told scary stories about them, and so when they imagine they see one, they get scared. Since ghosts only exist in scary stories and imagination, they feel what they have been told to feel.
  • Why are people scared of spiders, look how much bigger we are compared to them...who knows...
  • "...I aint afraid of no ghosts !"
  • The human mind can run away with you. I've experienced something I cannot explain and let me tell you, it's frightening. Depending on how you think, logically or emotionally.
  • Science does not tell us this; a handful of crackpot 'scientists' say so. But yet they cannot PROVE they don't exist. And that is what frustrates them. People are now coming around to believing that there may be something to all that paranormal claptrap. Those of us who are empaths, or sensitives, have known this all of our lives. WE hear them. WE see them. WE sense them. WE feel them. The scientists can also, but they choose to automatically discount everything as having a mundane explanation; just as Scrooge did: "There's more gravy than grave to you". There is an old saying: "To the believer, no proof is necessary. To the skeptic, no proof is ever enough!" How true, how true.
  • Because science doesn't have all the answers yet.
  • Because science is but one of many interpretations of the universe, no? ;-)
  • Fear knows no logic. How one controls fear does?
  • 1/3 of people admit that they believe in ghosts. Science can be wrong, and it is evolving constantly.
  • How can people believe in God yet NOT believe in ghosts? afterall they are both 'spirits' arent they
  • Science doesnt say anything like that, you just put words into science mouth. Science is just inferences based off of observations and perception.
  • Science cant prove they dont exsist and I believe its very possible they do!
  • because science is inside the box, and ghosts are outside the box. . Boo!
  • I believe in ghosts. I have heard my old dog's nails hit the kitchen room floor as if she were walking around. I have also woken up to a heavy object laying by my feet but when i looked nothing was there. I still felt her presence. I do not fear ghosts but admire their effort to communicate with our world. Science is extraordinarily advanced but at the same time there are billions of questions unanswered.
  • scary shit is fun
  • I dont think science has proved that they don't exist. I believe in ghosts. Heck my whole family does cause we use to live w/ one who was quite evil!
  • fear is a powerful thing!
  • Science can not explain everything or perhaps we have not found the answer yet. Remember there was a time when other things were myths and then were later discovered so you never know what the future holds.
  • Do you believe everything your told?
  • Science does not tell us that they don't exist. There is no scientific evidence to prove that they DO EXIST. But it is impossible to prove that something doesn't exist. To do that you would have to know absolutely everything about the entire universe. If there is any place/thing in the universe that you do not know entirely you can not tell me for sure that something is not there.
  • movies and books.
  • well... cuz sum of those people actually experience ghosts... by voice,feeling, or seeing them. people are afraid of the unknown.. wich is why i wouldl never tell anyone that im an alien.
  • Fear of the unknown.
  • Some people are very suggestible.
  • because is not an every day normal thing that we see...
  • Even thought there is no proof that ghosts exist, popular culture tells people that they do. If you have the idea of a ghost in the back of your mind, when you hear a strange noise, or see a strange sight, you think ghost, even though there is a completely logical, physical explanation.
  • How many times throughout recorded history has so-called scientists swore that something was false, which was later proven to be true? How many times throughout recorded history has so-called scientists swore that something was true, which was later proven to be false? When it comes to guessing, their track record is abysmal. Intelligent people realize that depending on scientists to tell you what is or is not, is like depending on the weatherman not to get you soaked, or a child to only tell you the truth. Keeping that in mind, do you believe scientists, or the direct experience of your eyes and ears? Fools believe what they are told...the wise believe what they experience.
    • Hulk70166
      So how come you don't trust the scientists about Covid but do trust the scientists to treat you when you get ill?
  • People are more vulnerable in the dark. Another reason is we have a natural fear of the dark because that is when most danger occurs.
  • ** A ** Science doesn't "tell" us that (nor the opposite) ** B ** People believe what they want to believe. Even IF "science told us" (ugh!) that ghosts don't exist, that would not convince most ghost-believers.
  • Because crazy stuff happens all the time. When I was a child I had a very disturbing dream. When I was adult it came true. I've never thought of myself as psychic but that is the only explanation I can give. Maybe ghosts do exist. 😕
  • Some people are scared of things that don’t exist in the real world because their heads are in the movies and they believe what they see on the screen because they are dumb
  • Science doesn't have any authority to tell you what does or doesn't exist. Only the possibilities of such things that are quantifiable.

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