• Take half and donate the rest.
  • Depends on where I am. At a friends house I would assume it's there's and give it to them. At work I would attempt to find out who it belongs to without actually saying it's $500, pretty tempting to lie about it. At the mall I'd consider it a successful day out and go home with it.
  • I would pick it up & then i would act cool about it! then i would go out & buy me a new amplifier 4 my ride.
  • Pick it up...decide the rest later
  • Fill my gas tank.
  • Put them on my savings account.
  • Pick it up..:)
  • This really happened to me....I turned it in to the grocery store customer service. Later I found a girl crying that she had dropped her money and it was all that she had. She was on a group tour from Canada and that money was supposed to last her one more month. She was heart broken. Can you imagine just how good it felt when I walked up to her and told her to go to the counter and claim her money? I had done the honest thing and I got paid back right in front of me with a feeling I could not begin to describe. No, I did not accept her offer of a reward, she was a high school student a long way from home. I did what any decent person would have done. Afterwards, I was really glad that I did not pocket that money. I would have felt terrible having to learn of her distress knowing that I had kept her money. I guess I paid it forward!
  • Turned it in. I've done it before but not that amount of money.
  • I'd choose one of these: 1. Upgrade my computer with another graphics card and more ram, afterwards buy Fallout 3, and Left 4 Dead, and some others I like 2. Say good riddance to my '360 and buy a PS3 and a few games.
  • Find out if anyone nearby had dropped it.
  • Smile and yell, JACKPOT. :-)

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