• No- sign up to be a huge celebrity- thats part of the price- 4 u and the whole family.
  • Yes. They would earn lots of money anyway by just taking pictures of and/or talking about the outfits of Michelle Obama. Leave the girls alone.
  • Nope. Their parents knew what they were getting themselves into. So they should accept anything and everything that comes their way.
  • I think a lot of things ought to be off-limits to the stupid paparazzi. They pretty much killed that princess lady. Those two little girls are not of an age to decide, so they should be left alone, or the paparazzi harassing them arrested. On that topic, idiots ought to get a life outside of People magazine, too.
  • Yes, I don't think it's right for them to target anyone's children !!!
  • I think all kids should be off-limits to the paparazzti, except for the people who put their kids out there, like that little Suri Cruise. Her parents love the attention. I never see Julia Roberts out there with her kids, so the one time she does go out I don't think they should all gather around flashing camras in those kids faces. She doesn't want that for her children. When it comes to the Obama's I think the paparazzti should respect them, they don't seem like they want tons of attention on their children.
  • All children should be off limits.
  • Absolutely. All children should be off limits to unwanted photographs and publicity.
  • Yes. Perhaps Michael Jackson has extras of those cute veils that he puts on his kids!
  • No. The girls or parents don't seem to mind. If ever the girls or their parents decide that they don't wan the girls in the paparazzi, though, I would hope that they would respect that. As long as they aren't being harmed, what's wrong with them being in pictures and on camera? I don't see the problem.
  • I think the kids should be off-limits. What can a ten and eight year-old possible do that would be newsworthy? Leave them alone. Growing up for the next four (or eight) years is going to be difficult enough without the added pressure that constant photography hounds add to it.
  • Yes, of course they should be off limits. Lots of people should be off limits to the paparazzi. Their creepy voyeur appeal is unsettling, whether you are Britney Spears (whom they had fun devouring) or the child of a famous person. In addition to respecting the privacy of non public figures, there are also important tactical and security risks. Photos showing consistent details of the Obama children's routine pose a security risk.
  • I think the that type of intrusion into anyone live, should be illegal.
  • I think that everyone should be off limits to the paparazzi. They are trash.

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