• Depends on where you live. Here in Dallas there aren't many days when you'd really be comfortable and there isn't that much to see. If I lived of the West Coast, Gulf Coast or Florida I'd probably feel differently.
  • Pro- they are lots of fun in the summer time Con- don't bother fixing your hair because its going to get messed up by the wind Pro- you can get a small tan Con- if you wreck you have no protection
  • Pros: Looks cool Wins the ladies Fun to ride with the top down Cons: Higher insurance premiums More of a target for cops/car thieves Lesser gas mileage
  • According to my Hubby, There are no cons:)
  • The only pro of a convertible is that it's more fun. The cons are that it will cost you more in insurance; it will be easier for theives to break into it; the top will deteriorate faster; if you have an accident and the car overturns; it'll be your head against the ground; depending of what part of the country you live in, you'll only be able to put that top down about 3 months out of the year
  • Pro: The sky Con: any jerk with a pen knife can break into your car in seconds.
  • PROS: They look terrific and I enjoy feeling the breeze and sunshine on a beautiful day. CONS: More costly. Easier for someone to break into. Not a good idea to drive in cold weather or in rain as there is always the risk of heat escaping or rain leaking inside the vehicle.
  • Constant exposure to UV rays May or may not get men laid who are experiencing a mid-life crisis. Impossible to have a good hair day. Fun way to dry off after a day at the beach. Easier for bugs to fly into your car. Easier for bugs to escape from your car. Windy, everything light must be secured. A cigarette from the idiot ahead of you could get flicked into your eyeball. Fun way to keep cool, especially in my state. Poor aerodynamics. (okay, that was a stretch) You can decide which are pros and which are cons.
  • NO "Pros", only "Cons"!!! If U need "Others Approval/Being in the Spot Light," stand on street corner naked passing out $$$!!! John
  • pro-not claustrophobic, con-no protection from bird poo ;0)
  • Just one pro to add.....If you lock the keys in the car with the top down you wont have to break in or call a locksmith.
  • pro - it's kickass con - you're dead in a crash
  • When in my early 20s, it was all on the "pro" side. When in my mid-20s, it had already shifted to the "con" side. I had a convertible .. a sports car, at that .. an Austin Healey Sprite. LOVED it. White car. Black convertible top. Pro: -- Fun to drive -- Nice California weather - top town - getting off surburban streets or freeways and onto small, winding mountain roads. -- The feel of wind and air and sun and "a good day". Con: -- Expensive to repair (oops - that's because it was a sports car, not because it was a convertible) -- Tiny - only driver and one other and tiny trunk. (oops - that too, is because it was a sports car, not because it was a convertible) -- When the top went up - and it was a cold or rainy day - there was always the prayer there would (a) be no leaks anywhere and (b) the plastic back window would be clear enough to see through when driving. Yup .. nice enough "then" .. nice enough to say I enjoyed it for a while when young .. not nice enough to do again. LOL Maybe it would fun to rent sometime in warm climates as part of a vacation rather than ever buy one. :)
  • PROS passengers can pee over the side while still moving CONS the pee sometimes splashes back at you.
  • convertible into what???
  • I can't think of any advantages. A sudden rain shower could drench you with the top down, wind blows your hair all around, and in a roll-over accident, you could get decapitated.
  • pros - some models look totally irresistable as convertible, such as db9, for example cons - to keep your hairdo, you have to drive upside down
  • Con - If you're looking at one for racing purposes, they lack the chassis rigidity that traditional cars have due to the reinforcement provided by the metal top. You can always strengthen the chassis in other ways, though. Pro - They're usually lighter by a few dozen pounds. Pro - It's really nice to be able to take the top down and look up at the stars.
  • PRO: A really kewl looking ride, a chick magnet CON: they leak when it rains and they squeal on the highway
  • Pro: you feel HOT when you are at the wheel Con: thirty years later you have wrinkles and skin cancer
  • When I had my Jeep Wrangler, it was freedom with the open air but NO security whatsoever when parked. I locked my keys in it 3 times in the 10 years I had it and that was a breeze to rectify!
  • PROS: You get to wear a scarf when you drive. CONS: You never have to lock the car. And I want one!!!!
  • When driving through the canyon the views are more than awesome and I seldom use that word as it is over used. The first convertible that I had was very slow and difficult to put the top up. It also leaked and made rear visibility very poor. My current convertible top is powered and seals well in rain and snow.
  • I have a 1969 all original pontiac firebird convertible.Many things are less than perfect The pros are I love this car and drive it every chance I get, the cons keep trying to buy it for nothing.
  • Obvious weather reasons. You can enjoy the top-down only in certain weather, which is great for parades but less so for practical use. The soft tops do not weather very well. They do not resist thieves. The rear windshields get all foggy. They do not retain heat very well in the winter. Safety-wise they were a disaster in their time, because not only were passengers more exposed, but seatbelts were not popular. In a serious crash, people were thrown far from the vehicle.
  • Pro: Totally awesome! ++ Cons: Not sure if it could be a year-round car where I live (wet cold winters). When you have the top up, is it just like a normal car? Unattainable.
  • pros: fun, wind in your hair cons: noisy and can leak, theft target, higher insurance, no real protection in a wreck

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