• What? My brain hurts. Do you think eyes are a true reflection of our feelings? No
  • I think eyes are one of the prime things to reflect feelings!
  • Only if one is honest. Some people are excellent at masking their true feelings and hide things from us. Their eyes show nothing :) Happy Thursday! :)
  • Yes, our eyes are very telling. The eye itself doesn't change color or anything...but the size of the iris and the minor shifts in expression with eyebrows and the "crow's feet" as well as the amount of the eye shown by how open or closed the eye-lid are can tell the world. I have worked with the police administering lie-detectors and I have been trained by the military in interrogation. The eyes can tell the world. A fun fact..something to try that's very easy...when someone tells you a which direction they roll their eyes. No one makes eye contact for a whole story. Since the brain is split into 2 hemispheres and the body understands left from right, it's a very interesting thing to watch. The right side of the brain controls creativity such as art, music, poetry and things like that wheras the left side controls logic, math, and memory recall. For reasons I won't dive into, our brain crosses the side of the body for control...what that means is that primarily, the right side of the brain controls the left side of teh body and the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body. Because of this, if someone is telling you a story like...why they were late to work, if they look down and to the left, they are accessing the right side of their brain...they are being creative...they are lying. If they look up and to the right however, they are drawing on memory and logic...they are recalling actual events....they are being honest. It's fun to ask someone what they did the night before...half the time they are telling the truth...the other half, they are embeleshing to make a great story.
  • It can not be.It has become difficult.Some people know the art of masking themselves
  • you cant hide your lying eyes
  • No. My eyes very rarely reflect what i feel.
  • I think you look how you want to look but if you truly know someone then I believe you can tell from looking into someones eyes
  • People know the art of acting very well.
  • to someone who is untrained yes. but you can learn to hide
  • I think so.I can always tell even if someone tries to hide.Call it esp,or whatever,but eyes do not lie to me.
  • depends on the person i knew a liar once that was a master at it. +5
  • Usually eyes can not cheat.... It tells lots of stories inside you.

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