• Because it leads you to forget who you are, because you are trying to be something else. So, you kill yourself actually. Sometimes, suicide(metaphorically) is good, like when you deny the flesh and live for God, and his righteousness, you experience the death of your "flesh" the part of you that causes your to hurt people, and your self in the long run. The other kind of suicide that this quote probably referrs to, is the superficial imitation. Trying to be something you're not. It's got nothing to do with your race or appearance, but your soul. And when you conform to something that's not in your soul, it is then that you commit suicide of your soul.
  • i prefer "imitation is the best form of flattery"
  • Be youself, you are unique. By being someone else you are killing you.
  • If all you can do is copy someone else's ideas, style, personality or whatever, then the "you" dies since it has now been absorbed by the person whom you copy. In a way that is suicide, isn't it? Death of the self? Death of whatever is unique and special about you? :) It is like spending your whole life riding on someone else's coattails...everyone knows it and either gets angry or pities those who are copycats. :)
  • To copy or clone another shows only the ability to duplicate, not the spark of creativity or inspiration. Sameness is a treadmill, novelty elevates you to heights you have never been.

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